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Division I passed the GSP certification

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June 2, Shenzhen GSP inspectors to our warehouse for anti-doping, the Division I passed inspection.

April 25, Shenzhen Food and Drug Administration held a "drug propaganda circulating anti-doping conference, " Our total distribution of the compound flumetasone (Austria D) ointment and Compound A Ma (Yasuhiro Teng Tong) was included in oral "2007 doping"directory. According to conference, I Division in May 15th largest in the company office full of "anti-doping awareness training", and submitted in accordance with the requirements of the "anti-doping, " the signing of the undertaking, and completed the "directory containing stimulants Substances listed in Drug Zicha Biao. "

At present, our depth and Yasuhiro Austrian distribution in accordance with relevant provisions of General Gordon, in the instructions to add the "athletes with caution"message.


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